Rufco Construction

Social Development

RUFCO Construction aims to ensure the provision of a comprehensive, integrated, sustainable and quality social-development service that address vulnerability and poverty, and to create an enabling environment for sustainable development in partnership with those committed to building a caring society, strengthening relationships and developing a sense of community and ownership.

The Kids Safety Haven project was initiated by a group of unemployed volunteers who acknowledged the importance of providing meals after school, support women who experience social problems, providing recreational sessions to children & youth, assisting with schoolwork and increasing good hygiene.

In 2011, Rufco assisted in provided a building structure and has been involved in the project ever since.  This enabled and contributed to a lot of needs, such as providing nutritionally balanced meals, development of school programs, providing households with clothes from the clothing bank and enabling child minders to secure the safety of the children.

Rufco Construction strives to create a programme where all parties involved are committed, willing and able to make a contribution to the development of the social-development programmes and to benefit from the achievement of its vision and objectives.